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[IMG]arena-cropped.png2014-05-29 04:27 197KStefan O'Halloran, Samantha LaPointe, Gragak, and the robot, Marvin; drawn by Cukeman, cropped from his gigantic all-Arena image
[IMG]elaina-colour.png2014-06-30 16:02 174KElaina Aldebran/Morgan; coloured by me!
[IMG]elaina.png2014-06-29 22:49 716KElaina Aldebran/Morgan (not drawn by me)
[IMG]stefan-sam-euph.jpg2014-05-29 04:27 70KStefan O'Halloran and Samantha LaPoint, drawn by Euphrosyne (of CRFH forums)
[IMG]stefan-sam-tins.jpg2014-05-29 04:27 104KStefan O'Halloran and Samantha LaPointe, drawn by Thereisnosaurus
[IMG]stefan-tweaked.png2014-05-29 04:27 82KStefan O'Halloran, drawn by Roberto (of CRFH forums) and tweaked by lake_wrangler (also of CRFH forums)
[IMG]stefan.png2014-05-29 04:27 81KStefan O'Halloran, drawn by Roberto (of CRFH forums)
[IMG]zap.jpg2014-05-29 04:27 334KIris Renarde, drawn by Logos